Lessons From Doggy Day Care

It has been a week since I left my past job as a kennel assistant at a Doggy Day care. During my time there, I have learned many things that still stick out in my mind. One of them is the fact that these doggy day cares are often used as safe places. Owners come... Continue Reading →


Dear Joshua The Pool Boy…

Dear Joshua The Pool Boy, Greetings my dear pool boy, as you may know my family and I have been enjoying our trip here in the Galàpagos Islands. Already we have been here three nights, which has felt like a lifetime. This journey was exactly what the doctor ordered. Therefore, being my pool boy, you... Continue Reading →

Chicken Parmesan

Marinara sauce was poured from a glass-measuring cup. Strips of linguini were beneath, catching the excess that rolled off the fried chicken titty. Putting the last garnish on the dish, Ronaldo carefully placed a stick of cinnamon into the chicken like a straw. “Muah.” Ronaldo said after kissing his hand. With a ring of a bell,... Continue Reading →

California So Far…

Dear Family and Friends, My time here in California has been humbling to say the least, and I would like you all to know that I am getting along swimmingly. Embracing these new challenges is beautiful, and I am learning a lot about myself. Here is an update about how things are going! It has been... Continue Reading →

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