California So Far…

Dear Family and Friends,

My time here in California has been humbling to say the least, and I would like you all to know that I am getting along swimmingly. Embracing these new challenges is beautiful, and I am learning a lot about myself. Here is an update about how things are going!

It has been thirteen days since I last went to the grocery store to purchase any type of food. My reserves are becoming low, and as time goes on, non-solid foods have become a staple of my diet. For breakfast I have three relish packets and pocket lint. Dinner is mayonnaise and Tabasco smeared on rice cakes with a side of ice. Lunch is no longer a luxury.

Without a full-time job and money to pay for things, I ‘borrow’ oranges, grapefruit and lemons from the trees in my neighborhood. With any luck, my roadside market will open as soon as I find an abandoned desk. At the moment, I am having trouble coming up with a name for this venture, so if you can think of something please get back to me ASAP.

What really is awesome is how well my girlfriend and I are doing with our long-term relationship. Just like in the movies and TV, we are spending a lot of time communicating. When I sold my phone, it really complicated things. Now to stay in touch we send a letter to each other once a week. It started out with love notes and has progressed to mailing little bags of our bodily fluids. This week I expect to receive two Girl Scout cookies that she has already pre-chewed.

Before I go bathe in the pool next door, I need to thank all of the people who continue to believe in me. You are what keep me going every single day. Living here is very intimidating especially when I see baby actors getting more work than me. While their dreams are coming true, something I try to remember is that they had to work hard to get there. Just because I am not fulfilling my dreams today, does not mean I have the right to quit. If anything, learning how to become independent has put me in better shape.

– Jimmy Nash


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