Chicken Parmesan

Marinara sauce was poured from a glass-measuring cup. Strips of linguini were beneath, catching the excess that rolled off the fried chicken titty. Putting the last garnish on the dish, Ronaldo carefully placed a stick of cinnamon into the chicken like a straw.

“Muah.” Ronaldo said after kissing his hand.

With a ring of a bell, a blonde waitress entered the kitchen.

“Table 18 right?” she said.

Ronaldo did not answer her question with his words. They didn’t have that type of relationship. Instead, he nodded.

She was almost out the swiveling door with the chicken before Ronaldo broke his silence.

“Bianca, wait.” He said

Turning, Bianca looked upon Ronaldo’s Ethiopian face.

Ronaldo then moved his body in such a hypnotic way, that Bianca knew exactly what he was saying, and brought the plate back to his station.

The plate was put on the stainless steel tabletop. They both stared at the chicken without saying anything.

All of a sudden, Ronaldo brought a knife down on his creation. It was a clean cut. Next, a fork swooped down and shoveled the tip of the breaded chicken titty into Ronaldo’s mouth. He moaned as he chewed and swallowed his creation.

Ronaldo pointed towards the swiveling door while staring at the ground. Bianca grabbed the plate and began towards the door. However, before she completely left the kitchen, she turned around. Ronaldo wept while groping his chest.

“What a genius,” Bianca said under her breath.


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