In Search of The Right Gift

A red car pulled into the parking lot of Marshall’s in Narragansett. With grey sky overhead, the bare trees surrounding the strip mall swayed back and forth from the wind.

“Boy it sure is cold out here. I’m so glad I wore my jacket and boots to keep me nice and warm.” Sarah said.

Getting out of the car next, Bobby walked behind her sporting a t-shirt, shorts and sandals.

Automatic doors followed by soft rock of the 2000’s greeted the couple entering the store.

“What do you think your mom wants for her birthday?” Bobby said.

Sarah led the Bobby to the vase aisle before responding.

“One on those things,” Sarah said. She was pointing to a green jug that looked similar to a gallon of milk.

Bobby picked up the glass jug in his hand and began groping it. The glass was smooth, but when he went to grab the handle it was too small to put his fingers in. Next, he blew into the jug’s hole until he realized it wouldn’t whistle.

“Nope, this isn’t the one that you want.” Bobby said putting the jug back on the shelf.

“It may not be the one you want, but I know my mom is going to love this. She always talks about how the right vase can make or break a room.” Sarah said.

Bobby pulled out his phone and began texting.

“Fine.” Sarah said, “What’s wrong with this vase?”

“Nothing. It’s simple and I think your mom and family will love it.” Bobby said.

Now with her right hand placed on her hip, Sarah said, “Stop it, just get to the point already.”

Behind Bobby, two grey haired women were turning their cart into the aisle until they got a look at Sarah. They reversed and went another direction.

Bobby cracked a laugh before putting his phone in his pocket. “How’s about getting you mom a book. You know, something that will possibly stimulate her brain.”

“People don’t always need to have their nose in a book to learn. There are things like asking and listening to what people say.” Sarah said.

“Your mom asked for a vase for her birthday?” Bobby said.

“No. Stop trying to ruin this trip to Marshall’s. First you won’t wear the proper clothing and now you’re saying my family is stupid because my mom doesn’t want a fucking book as a gift.”

“Hold up there Sarah. You’ve got it wrong.”

“Oh do I now?” Sarah said.

“Yes. What I am saying is that only dumb people come to Marshall’s to shop. You could have put a little thought into the gift. Instead I am dragged here by you to buy some shit that will be featured at a yard sale next year?” Bobby said.

Sarah raised her right eyebrow at Bobby’s remark. She grabbed the green jug and said, “Well at least I am not the asshole paying for a broken vase.”

With that, Sarah dropped the jug. Upon impact green shards went flying all over the ground. Bobby looked at the glass around his feet. If he tried to move one of the shards could possibly cut through his sandal.

Sarah smiled. “See you at the car baby.”


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