Sorry For Not Posting

Hey! It’s me. And I want to tell all the people that read this blog that I could be getting a job today. The past two weeks I have been focusing on gaining employment, so I haven’t had much time to do anything else. For example, this is a list of what I’ve been doing…

  1. Applying For Jobs All Day
  2. Calling my parents assuring them I am not a bum
  3. Kelly telling me I need a job
  4. Cursing the website
  5. Being a Social Hermit Crab
  6. Thinking about how my life would be better with a pair of New Balance Shoes
  7. Getting distracted every time I try to write

So I apologize for not posting a new article, short story, or poem. However, with posting this I think all you guys will understand. My fingers are crossed and if I get this job in Pasadena, oh my god! I’ll be able to have a steady income so I can buy another bed sheet without a stain. Things are looking up.

Remember. If you give up, you don’t give yourself the chance to get better or to see success!

I love you all, thanks to my parents and Kelly and Tom Kroon.


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