My Blog Sucks

It was a tough realization, but if I am being completely honest, my blog sucks. This comes after thinking that I was doing so well. Personally, I am happy with the stories that I have written and even though the amount of people reading them is not what I thought, I have enjoyed this experience.

Well, I was enjoying it before my girlfriend started her blog.

When she told me that she was starting it, all I could think about was the advice that I was going to give her. Tips on how to use WordPress, the best times to post and what she should expect. Before I had the chance to tell her any of this, she had already posted twice.

“How many people viewed your two blogs,” I said. Waiting to her a small number, I imagined that she would come back with a small number, then ask me when that number would grow.

“The past two posts got me like 600 views combined,” she said.

For the record, more people have viewed her two blog posts, than the amount of people who have actually visited my WordPress site.

At the moment, I had a few options of how I could proceed…

A. Tell her “Me too”

B. Say how happy I was for her

C. Bring it back to me by pointing out that I have never reached that amount

D. Break up with her on the spot because my ego was completely shattered.

I chose C; I know I could have been more supportive, but at the moment my mind could not wrap itself around the fact that her two posts, which I knew she only spent about 30 minutes on, got more views than my entire writing portfolio.

All of this was a tough pill to swallow. Just recently have I gotten over that fact that as a writer, she is more successful than I am. But it makes sense. She writes compelling stories about the journey we are both on and the importance of living your best life. And my last blog post was entitled, “Open Letter To Bananas”.

How can I compete with her writing when I come off as a toddler with my thumb up my ass? The answer to that question is simple, I cannot.

Another great part about Kelly’s blog is that I am learning from her and the following that she is creating. The fact is that no one gives a shit about the fictional stories that I have been making up. Instead they are flocking to hear true stories about Kelly and her life. It is almost as if they are living vicariously through her.

Having said all of this, I assure you, my one dedicated reader (other than Kelly), I will not sell out and copy her style of writing, but I will evolve. Spending hours trying to make half-baked ideas better was not working. So I will change and through many hours of writing, I have no doubt that sooner or later I will improve.

As for Kelly, I love her a lot. She has a unique ability to always be right, and while she never graced the dean’s list, she is better than me at some things. That does not include basketball though.




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