What is The Groundhog Gazette?

Well that is simple, basically I, James Tabor, created the website out of a small apartment in South Pasadena, California. This website will be my personal gym as I try out new ideas. Ideas in the form of short stories, blogs about my life, and the occasional video. My ultimate goal is to be truthful not only to you, the audience, but also myself. Not to mention bring you quality distractions.

Currently, I am working on many different projects including a script, a stand up routine, as well as taking acting classes at The Groundlings. Oh yeah, and I also work a job at the snack bar company Humbly Hemp.

Rob Riglietti aka robrigged designed the beautiful logo featuring the mascot. I have yet to name him, but I will update you on the information once that comes.

So feel free to follow the blog and check me out on some of my other mediums. Just look up the name “Jimmy Nash” and you’re halfway there.





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