The Toilet Seat   This short film is about a couple and one of their obstacles after moving in with each other. Featuring James Tabor and Kelly Coccio playing themselves.   Written By- James Tabor Produced By- Kelly Coccio Directed By- James Tabor Edited by -James Tabor The Rest- Kelly Coccio   Thanks to Kelly for helping... Continue Reading →


I Must Be Quick

This morning has already been an extremely tough day on my computer.  My computer charger broken in half,I no longer have access to Microsoft Office, But worst of all, when I opened my laptop this morning I was greeted with my keys being stuck and Doritos crumbs .,,.,...............,.,.. That period and comma frenzy was just... Continue Reading →

My Blog Sucks

It was a tough realization, but if I am being completely honest, my blog sucks. This comes after thinking that I was doing so well. Personally, I am happy with the stories that I have written and even though the amount of people reading them is not what I thought, I have enjoyed this experience.... Continue Reading →

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