I Must Be Quick

This morning has already been an extremely tough day on my computer. ┬áMy computer charger broken in half,I no longer have access to Microsoft Office, But worst of all, when I opened my laptop this morning I was greeted with my keys being stuck and Doritos crumbs .,,.,...............,.,.. That period and comma frenzy was just... Continue Reading →


My Blog Sucks

It was a tough realization, but if I am being completely honest, my blog sucks. This comes after thinking that I was doing so well. Personally, I am happy with the stories that I have written and even though the amount of people reading them is not what I thought, I have enjoyed this experience.... Continue Reading →

Open Letter To Bananas

Dear Bananas, If my memory is correct, the first time I realized how remarkable you were was when my father cut you up, and placed your slices on top of my cereal. While I forget the cereal that I ate that day, I do not forget what really made it a complete breakfast. You. From... Continue Reading →

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